Bruno Paillard Premiere Cuvée Champagne


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Bruno Paillard Premiere Cuvée Champagne, Reims, France  (750ml)


The golden straw colour reveals a high presence of chardonnay and the exclusive use of the first pressing. The fine bubbles are due to a strict selection of the best grapes, perfectly controlled temperature in the cellar and very long ageing.

The primary aromas reveal the citrus fruits of Chardonnay: lime and grapefruit. Then, the red fruits aromas of Pinot Noir appear: redcurrant, raspberry, morello cherries. When left to open up in the glass, the wine shows hints of dried fruits, sometimes exotic, from Pinot Meunier.
Lively and vivacious, thanks to a low dosage, the aromas on the nose are echoed in the mouth. Primary flavours of citrus, almonds, and toasted bread, very soon joined by redcurrant jelly but also dark fruits like cherry, fig and blackberry.
Varietals: Pinot Noir (45%), Chardonnay (33%), Pinot Meunier (22%)
Residual Sugar: 6.7 g/L
12.5% alc./vol