Dominion City Landscape As Language Coffee Stout


Dominion City Landscape As Language Coffee Stout 4.5% ABV 355ml

"'Lagered low and slow.'

Brewed with Kevin Joanisse from Ottawa's LULO Coffee, this stout features a cold brew extraction of his signature El Pedregal Semi-washed Caturra. This coffee is sourced from farmer Ervin Liz and his family, who produce outstanding coffees on their single hectare farm in the Togoima Indigenous reservation in Tierradentro, Cauca, Colombia.

With this beer, we aimed to do something a little different. We wanted to create a coffee stout that emphasized the coffee, its origin and which effortlessly integrated with the beer. With that, we brewed a stout that finds itself on the lighter end of the spectrum, allowing the beautiful coffee character to shine. Landscape as Language features familiar notes of chocolate, caramel and dried fruit you would expect from a stout, which works perfectly with the light acidity and spicy notes derived from the coffee."

- the brewery