Jamsheed Hippy Flip Pét-Nat


Jamsheed Hippy Flip Pét-Nat, Yarra Valley, South Australia 2021 (750ml)


Think “champagne meets cider”.

A blend of Chardonnay, the King of Whites, and Fiano, which would have to be the jester.
The Chardonnay is in command here, with luscious aromas and flavours of nectarine and grapefruit coming through. The Fiano undercuts it all, providing a little bit of texture, a fair dose of crunchy apples and pears as well as some general frivolity. It's a sparkling wine with some lovely farm house cider vibes coming through.

The balance between the two grapes, though, it ultimately harmonious, and bound together by a delicate sherbet acidity and cleansing citrus finish. This is great on it's own, but would make a get Pet-Nat-Spritz.

Varietal: Chardonnay, Fiano
Natural, Sustainable, Low Intervention, Organic, Biodynamic
13% alc./vol