Mirco Mariotti Smarazen NV


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Mirco Mariotti Smarazen, Emilia-Romagna, Italy, NV(750ml)


Soft, small bubbles punctuated by notes of white melon, tart tangerine, and white pepper on a brisk, lightly astringent palate. It is fresh, juicy, and full of playful primary character that quenches and refreshes with whimsical excitement. The effervescence here is quite mild yet adds a cheerful and flirtatious edge to an otherwise lighthearted and lively wine.


Mirco Mariotti makes natural wines in the Bosco Eliceo area in the eastern part of Emilia-Romagna. The vines grow 300 meters from the Adriatic sea and many are well over 100 years old. They are gnarly non-grafted vines with roots that dig as deep as two meters in the sandy soil and into the aquifer below. Mariotti’s wines are named after local card games the locals play. This pét-nat of 70% trebbiano and 30% malvasia di candia is from 50-100 year old vines

Varietals: Trebbiano (70%), Malvasia di Candia (30%)
Natural, Unfiltered, Vegan
Light Bodied
12% alc./vol